Case Studies


Major NY Metropolitan Hospital Saves $20 Million in HVAC-Related Costs by Reducing Labor, Product Costs and Energy.
Texas Medical Center Hospital Saves Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Energy and Air Filter Costs.
Detroit Hospital Converts to Higher Performance Air Filters and Proves a 40% Savings.
On-Site Filter Tests Prove Hi-Flo Fine Fiber Media to Outperform Synthetic Media.
Medical Center Cuts Costs & Extends Service Life with "30/30" Air Filters.
Top Hospital Optimizes Air Quality by Choosing Fine Fiber Media Filters over Synthetic Media.
Lean Staffing Leads Hospital to Solution Offering "True MERV 8" Efficiency, Reduced Filter Changes.
US "Top 10" Children's Critical Care Facility Air Filter Conversion Gains Longer Filter Life, $70,960 in Annual Cash Savings.
National Hospital System Responds to Cost Cutting Mandate, Selects Filter Providing Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with MERV 8 Performance.
Extended Care Hospital Controls Odors, Emissions and Pollutants, Solves Legal Issue with High Efficiency Filters.
Cost Reduction Mandate Leads Hospital to Consider New Ways of Achieving True MERV 8 Efficiency as Required by DHHS.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Improves Air Quality, Sees 20% Savings in Air Handling Energy Costs.
Long Lifetime Efficiency and Superior Particulate Removal Benefit Vaccine Producer.
Pharmaceutical Company Replaces High-charge Electrostatic media, Gains Efficiency, While Lowering Life Cycle Costs
$1.2 million in Annual Cash Savings, and 5-Star Energy Rating Persuade Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to Upgrade to Fine Fiber Media filters.
"30/30" – Hi-Flo Combination Proves "Best in Class" for Bio-pharma Manufacturer.
Nation's Fastest-growing School District Meets Cost-Cutting Goal as System Pressure Drop – and Energy Costs - Move Lower.
Pharmaceutical Plant Streamlines Certification Expense, Cuts Energy Use, Reduces Filter Usage and Changeout Frequency.