MOD-TEC TRAX 1.1 inch grid

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Name Product ID Size Case Qty Buy
Main Runner MT0030035G144 1 Buy Now
Cross Tee with Gasketing 46.5 MT0030035G465 1 Buy Now
Turn Buckles MT0128001 1 Buy Now
RH-LH Threaded Rod MT0106001 1 Buy Now
Cross Tee with Gasketing 22.5 MT0030035G225 1 Buy Now
Wall Angle with Gasketing MT0030036G144 1 Buy Now
Closed Cell Gasket MT0060001-50 1 Buy Now
Hex Head Screws MT1/4-20x3/4 1 Buy Now
Pan Head Screws MT1/4-20x1/2 1 Buy Now
Hex Head Nut MT3/8-16 1 Buy Now
Die Cast Connector MT0018001 1 Buy Now
Die Casting MT0018002 1 Buy Now
Perimeter Die Casting MT0018003 1 Buy Now
Inside Corner Die Casting MT0018005 1 Buy Now
Outside Corner Die Casting MT0018006 1 Buy Now
Main Runner MT0018004 1 Buy Now
Main Runner MT0018008 1 Buy Now
Cross Tee MT0030035465S 1 Buy Now
144 inch Long Main Runner MT0030035-144 1 Buy Now
46.5 inch Cross Tee w/ Sprinkler Hole MT0030035-46.5-SPK 1 Buy Now
22.5in Cross Tee Bar MT003003522.5 1 Buy Now
46.5in Cross Tee Bar MT003003546.5 1 Buy Now