[ Box Style Rigid Media Filters ]

The Camfil Riga-Flo series of air filtration provides supported media that is unaffected by varying airflow of VAV systems and continued media support through system start-ups and shut-downs.

Description: High efficiency box style air filter with wet-laid paper style media in an all-metal enclosing frame.
Typical applications: Built-up filter banks, rooftops, split systems, free-standing units, package systems and air handlers.
Efficiency: MERV 11, MERV 13, MERV 14 and MERV-A of 11, 13 and 14 respectively.
Media: Microfine glass media formed into full pack depth pleats separated by corrugated aluminum separators.
Recommended final pressure drop: 1.50" w.g. when operated at 500 fpm. System design may dictate alternative changeout point.
Temperature: Maximum continuous operating temperature of 200º F (90° C).
Ratings: ECI value of four stars, UL 900.

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