Aerostar Green Pleat

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MERV 13 Aerostar® Green Pleat High Capacity Pleated Air Filter The Aerostar® Green Pleat pleated air filter is a perfect fit to achieve points toward LEED certification in commercial, light commercial and industrial buildings alike thanks to the MERV 13 rating. Ideal applications include office and retail, industrial filtration, single and multi-family housing, government and education facilities, and healthcare applications from doctor offices and assisted living facilities to Hospitals. The Green Pleat offers - 100% synthetic media for high efficiency with low air flow resistance

- Low pressure drop minimizes energy costs
- Eliminates need to retrofit to achieve high MERV efficiency
- Moisture resistant paperboard frame maintains strength while wet, will not promote microbial growth
- Achieves MERV 13 to contribute toward LEED certification

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