Aerostar 400 High Capacity

[ Pleated Panel Air Filters ]

Filtration Group Aerostar 400 High Capacity Pleated Air Filters ~ incorporates a 100% synthetic media with an ASHRAE 52.1 average atmospheric efficiency of 25% to 30% and an average arrestance exceeding 90% by weight. The 1” and 2” filters handle velocities up to 500 fpm – the 4” filters up to 625 fpm.

• The media is bonded to a metal grid on the air-exiting side, preventing fluttering, and maintaining uniformity of the pleats.
• The filter pack is enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant, die-cut frame that will not warp, crack or distort under normal operating conditions.
• Front and back media retainers are an integral part of the filter frame.
• The medial pack is bonded to every part of the frame, preventing any possibility of air by-pass.
• Integral pleat separators on the 4” filters provide additional pleat stabilization for the most demanding application

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