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A-20 Baffle Filter / MFG: Aircon
Continuous Baffle Grease Filter

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Product Name Order Number Size QTY Ashrae Eff. Merv Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21016 10X16X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21020 10X20X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21220 12X20X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21616 16X16X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21620 16X20X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB22016 20X16X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB21625 16X25X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB22516 25X16X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB22020 20X20X2 1 - - Price
A-20 Baffle Filter
ACAB22025 20X25X2 1 - - Price

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