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Portafab Fabline System | MFG: PortaFab

FabLine modular cleanroom wall systems make it easier and more cost-effective than ever before to create ultra-clean facilities meeting the critical environmental conditions demanded in precision microelectronics manufacturing.

Rapid market life cycles and continuous product development dictate facilities designed to adapt quickly, with minimum disruption or down time to the operation.

FabLine cleanroom wall systems are designed for such change. Our systems have design flexibility built in. Nonprogressive construction allows easy removal of panels from either side of the wall without disturbing adjacent panels, ceiling or framework for minimum contamination.

With FabLine, there’s no need to start from ground zero to meet new requirements in current manufacturing space. The entire wall system can be utilized with all types of existing construction elements: ceilings, floors, and walls.

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Portafab PharmaSystem | MFG: PortaFab

PharmaSystem modular wall and ceiling systems are the ideal solution for creating cost-effective controlled environments in pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities.

With FDA requirements becoming more stringent and market demands continuing to rise, manufacturers must find ways to increase product yield and reduce overall construction schedules.

Incorporating a design that includes preengineered modular building systems allows businesses to achieve these goals while maintaining or exceeding the design standards established in current engineering guidelines.

Considering all factors:
Particle Emission
Microbial Resistance
Fungal Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Construction Time

PharmaSystem offers an alternative to traditional stick-built construction that helps manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements while reducing construction time and providing the flexibility to expand, rearrange, or relocate in the future.

Simply put, they are the most cost-effectiveproducts available for constructing a quality cleanroom envelope.

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Legend Cleanroom Systems | MFG: Cleanrooms International

Versatile and Affordable

Legend pre-engineered, modular design cleanrooms are cost effective without the inconvenience of conventional “stickbuilt” construction.

Legend is available with 2” or 3” walls and its nonprogressive construction design allows flexibility to expand or change the configuration as needed in the future.

The look of Legend reflects the quality of the system. Its clean visually appealing design utilizes aluminum framed wall panels with a durable white finish.

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Flex Softwall Cleanroom | MFG: Cleanrooms International

Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms
Control a Variety of Workspace Environments

standard designs and custom-engineered softwall cleanrooms for demanding and unique applications. Self-contained Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms are offered in ISO Class 5 through 9, or US Federal Standard 209 Class 100 through 100,000. Standard rooms are equipped with SAM Fan Filter

Units for HEPA fi ltration, lighting, a 4´ strip door, and solid curtain wall panels.

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QS Cleanroom System | MFG: Cleanrooms International

QS Series Softwall Cleanrooms
Easy To Install in One Day / Unmatched Structural Integrity / Easy To Upgrade

ISO Class 6, 7, & 8 Federal Standard 209 Class 1,000, 10,000, & 100,000

Frame: Prefabricated white painted steel frame.
Leg: Bottom base plate with four (4) mounting holes.
Ceiling System: Painted support structure and aluminum T-Grid.
Curtain Panels: All sides are enclosed with clear vinyl 40 mil curtain panels. Length is pre-engineered for proper air flow relief, appropriate for size and classifi cation
Entry Door: Via a 4’ strip door consisting of 8”
80 mil clear vinyl strips overlapped 2”. Individual strips are factory installed on an aluminum mounting track. The strip door is attached to the cleanroom frame on-site during assembly.
Interior Height: Eight (8) Feet.
Lighting: 4-lamp cleanroom light fi xtures with energy effi cient T8 electronic ballasts. Fluorescent lamp tubes are not included.
Ceiling Panels: Cleanguard ceiling panels with sealed edges and white vinyl laminate on one side for spaces not occupied by SAM Fan Filter Units or light fi xtures.
HEPA Filters: SAM 2’ x 4’ Fan Filter Units, 115V manufactured by Clean Rooms International.
Electrical: Electrical connections to the building power source are to be completed on site by a qualified electrician at buyer’s cost.
Assembly: Detailed assembly instructions included with shipment.

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SIS Modular Frame System | MFG: Simplex

The Simplex SIS Modular Frame System stacks versatility upon versatility. The SIS provides a wide variety of enclosure solutions for cleanrooms, dust control, sound control, safety and other industrial applications. The system is designed for fast construction and can be easily customized. Enclosures can be fitted with HEPA filters and modular air conditioning units, or can be quickly adapted to existing ventilating and dust collection systems.

The Simplex SIS Modular Frame System is built around simple, strong, easy to assemble modules. You can quickly assemble three or four sided modular sections and latch or screw them together. It's that simple! Modules can be easily disassembled or expanded as your needs change.

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SIS-797 | MFG: Simplex

Isolation and environmental control has taken a huge step forward for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, thanks to the latest innovation from Simplex Isolation Systems.

The Simplex SIS 797 Enclosure System with ACT! - Active Channel Technology - allows you to adjust the insert channel of the SIS frame for different sizes of solid inserts from 1/8" to 3/8". The ACT! design creates a snug interior mounting of the insert that is flush with the frame, making the assembled wall easy to keep clean.

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Modular Strip Curtains | MFG: Simplex

AirBlock- the #1 specified curtain in the industry, offers versatility and reliability that cannot be found with any other product. AirBlock curtains can be used with framing to create a cleanroom, or also used independently within an existing cleanroom to create areas that are still cleaner. Combined with Simplex's superior mounting systems, AirBlock curtains offer increased durability and functionality. AirBlock curtains offer easier access and the best protection.

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