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Housings | MFG: Harmsco

Harmsco® All Stainless Filter Housing
Typical Competitive Multi-Cartridge Filters Harmsco® HIF Up-Flow Filters
Model Flow Rate Pipe Size Ship Wt.
HIF 7SS To 30 GPM 1-1/2" 30 lbs. 14 Kg
HIF 14SS To 60 GPM 1-1/2" 40 lbs. 18 Kg
HIF 16SS To 75 GPM 2" 42 lbs. 19 Kg
HIF 24SS To 100 GPM 2" 52 lbs. 24 Kg
Filters come with stainless steel holding rods, bottom
plate and standpipes for high temperatures 200°F, (93°C)
and aggressive chemicals

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