Regular HVAC Filter Changes Saves $$
Most commercial filtration systems employ fiberglass filters that are only 3% - 5% efficient. This poor efficiency can reduce the life of your equipment and make your building a less healthy place. There are a variety of high-efficiency filtration media available to address any need. Filter Sales and Service can design, build and install the right filtration system to maximize the efficiency of your system and improve your indoor air quality. Life cycle cost analysis may call for a higher efficiency filter in your application. It is vitally important to properly size the filter so it can clean the air without severely reducing airflow. The proper size is determined by the filter efficiency and the building airflow requirements. Filter Sales can recommend the best filtration media for your application.

With soaring power prices and new energy directives, it truly pays to save energy in your air filtration systems. Filter Sales knows that saving energy is one of the most challenging tasks facing the HVAC industry today. Keep in mind that energy accounts for up to 70 percent of an air filter's total life cycle cost (LCC), so it always pays for you to choose the best low energy air filter combination for the right filtration application. We'll show you how and we'll prove it in the lab, on your site, or in LCC calculations. Quite simply, we want you to see the positive impact of our low energy air filter products on your bottom line. Filter Sales expertise, products, services and solutions are helping customers to cut operating costs while maintaining high IAQ in their buildings and critical processes.

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