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Cleanroom Ceiling Grid

TRAX 2.2 Grid | MFG: Modtec


• Suspension points can be placed anywhere on the upper T-slot of the grid
• Hangers below the grid can be placed anywhere by drilling a ¼” diameter hole and bolting through the grid for support with ¼” hardware
• Head-Tracks to wall systems mount easily to the face of the grid with simple drill and tap type fasteners
• The Trax-1 grid system is compatible with tear-drop, sealed troffer or flow-through light fixtures
• Sprinkler penetrations can be installed in any cross t-section. This is factory supplied with a provision for installing a “Flexhead” sprinkler assembly.


• Special coatings
• Grid layouts, 24” x 48” and 25” x 49”
• Factory applied gasket material
• Add-A-Track – Gel version of System
• Suspension with hang-wire
• Suspension with ¼-20 threaded rod
• Sprinkler assembly by “Flexhead” installed in Cross T’s


• Main Runner –anodized aluminum 12’-0”
• Cross Runner – anodized aluminum 46 ½”
• Wall Angle – anodized aluminum 12’-0”
• Intersection Clip – zinc plated
• Splice Clip – zinc plated
• Three-Way Clip – zinc plated
• Perimeter Clip – zinc plated
• Turnbuckle – 3/8-16, 6” body
• Threaded Rod – RH-LH – 8” long zinc plated
• Philips Pan Head Screw – ¼-20 x ½” Philips Pan Head zinc plated
• Weld-nut – ¼-20 threads zinc plated
• Gasket - 3/8” Thick x 3/8” Wide Closed Cell PVC Gasket – adhesive one side

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