Regular HVAC Filter Changes Saves $$
Most commercial filtration systems employ fiberglass filters that are only 3% - 5% efficient. This poor efficiency can reduce the life of your equipment and make your building a less healthy place. There are a variety of high-efficiency filtration media available to address any need. Filter Sales and Service can design, build and install the right filtration system to maximize the efficiency of your system and improve your indoor air quality. Life cycle cost analysis may call for a higher efficiency filter in your application. It is vitally important to properly size the filter so it can clean the air without severely reducing airflow. The proper size is determined by the filter efficiency and the building airflow requirements. Filter Sales can recommend the best filtration media for your application.

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Air Filtration for Healthcare Facilities
There are few places where indoor air quality (IAQ) is of greater concern than hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Proper air filtration including filter selection, installation and maintenance plays an important role in this area. This article will focus on the requirements for central ventilation filter selection in healthcare facilities, show how proper installation is essential to obtain good performance and discuss some of the aspects of filter maintenance.

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Filter Facts: Improve IAQ, Lower Energy Costs
Air filtration and indoor air quality (IAQ) have long been necessary components of a healthy indoor environment and an efficient HVAC system. Keeping both aspects in focus is usually a full-time job in a large facility. Add a third component — energy use, which calls for careful planning and integration with a preventive maintenance (PM) program — and blending air-system energy use due to air-filter loading with on-time filter replacement can be a tough task.

Proper filter selection and replacement, uniform air flow and velocity, and reasonable air-pressure drops will lead to more consistent energy use. Matching the filter to the application, occupancy and code requirements also aids in correlating filter installation to energy use.

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